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The Ups and Downs of Summer 2016

This year was the closest I came to achieving the writing dream.

I landed a contract with a small up and coming publishing house. My first novel was out in the world and I had the support of a fantastic writing community. Then life happened.

An unforeseen mishap sunk the house, left me with no publisher, my book taken down off Amazon and a complete loss of ebook royalties. It was a pretty big set back. It could have been the big set back to topple me over, if not for the support of that fantastic writing community.

I have met many amazing people through my time on Wattpad. It is a free site, and a strange business. It is not perfect, but the people are amazing. The bonds and friendships I have formed there will carry far beyond however long I stay on the site. (Though I doubt I am going anywhere anytime soon.)

The best people around!

I couldn’t ask for a greater crew of people, who helped launch me TWICE into the big wide ocean of Amazon.

It has not been the easiest journey. I am still trying to get my footing and learn how to promote my work. My royalties might be small, but it is a start and I learn more and more everyday. I continue to write. I continue to create.

I don’t want to talk about other worries, we all have them about money and personal doubts. What is important is despite all the set backs of this summer, I have also had some pretty amazing push forwards.

I had the chance to collaborate and appear in several anthology, including a Science Fiction anthology titled Nemesis which should be out by the end of the summer on Amazon.

I have finally finished my grand epic dark Fantasy Marrow Charm, and am now working on the sequel as I edit, edit, edit.

I hope to complete the sequel to Zombies vs Aliens this summer and another book, Ragnarok Unwound, as well.

If this summer has taught me nothing else, it is to keep pushing forward.

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There is now a little less than a month to the official release date of my first novel, so polishing up the old writing website seemed like a good idea. It’s been doing a good job of moldering quietly in the recesses of  the internet. I am taking a breather between typing bouts for Camp Nanowrimo and waiting for the bus to drop off the kids. Ya, tinkering with formatting seemed like a fabulous idea. Blogging has never been a strength of mine. The updates tend to be a bit sporadic, but enough about that. This is a launch. The virtual dust bunnies have been banished, the cobwebs have been dusted, and this fancy ship is ready to sail. *shoves blog off the deck* Float, my little beauty, float!

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